Whether you write novels, short stories or non-fiction, having a website is an important part of being an author. Your site allows your target market to learn more about you and your books and can direct them to places where they can buy your titles. Having a website also gives you a professional presence as an author and is a great way to spread the word about any future releases.

When it comes to websites, WordPress is an excellent choice of platform. We offer reliable and inexpensive WordPress hosting, which is perfectly suited to the needs of authors. You will maintain full control and be able to install your own plugins and themes but we will take on the role of managing any upgrades, carrying out daily backups and keeping everything completely up to date.

Backing up your website regularly will help protect you if things go wrong and make sure your site stays up and running. This means you can relax and concentrate on your writing.

Our Fees

For hosting, we charge just £53/$69 per year for the first site, and £15/$20 per year for each additional site. All include HTTPS/SSL. Domains are not included — you can register them elsewhere, or we will register them for you (.com, .net, .co.uk, or .uk) for £20/$25 each per year.

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