Every week, we post a curated list of links that authors should find useful or interesting. Here are this week’s links:

  • How to write about a place you don’t know (even if you can’t go there)
  • Your marketing should make people want to take action now.
  • Many articles claim that Kindles and other ereaders support PDF, or that it’s easy to convert a PDF to your ereader’s format. They’re right, but with some significant caveats.
  • It’s depressingly common for friends and family to be unsupportive of writers.
  • If you want your book to be the very best it can be, then you should consider hiring an editor.
  • Be careful how you give away your protagonist’s secrets.
  • Draft2Digital’s Universal Book Links are a very useful tool. One link for all stores, and they’re geo-targeted, so your readers will go to their local store.

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