It’s been a great year for Author Help and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being part of it.

At the start of the year, we officially became a limited company under the name Shilka Ltd. We got a shiny new logo, tidied up the website, and made all sorts of behind-the-scenes changes to accounting and so on.

Later in the year, Robin and Jen both successfully completed a diploma in proofreading and copy editing with distinction. Just as we were starting to use our newly polished skills, we realised we’d grown to the point where we couldn’t manage all the proofreading ourselves. We’re now working with three lovely subcontractors: Mel, Paul and Charlotte. With their help, we’ve improved turnaround time massively while still giving a great quality service.

We’ve also started working with Formatted Books, who help us with books that need something a bit special on the pages, such as children’s books or where the author wants a very particular look for their chapter headings. We’re still doing straightforward formatting in-house, and thanks to a recent software upgrade we’re expanding the range of options.

Last month, we added up the books we’ve helped to publish and realised we’d done over a hundred! This is a magnificent milestone for what started just a few years ago with Robin just doing what they love.

And of course, throughout it all our cover designer Henry and copywriter Cat have been absolute champions.

We’ll be taking some time off over Christmas, so responses to emails sent after 21st December may be slow. We will try to keep an eye on the inbox and respond to anything urgent, but otherwise things will be picked up in January.

We wish you all a peaceful and safe holiday season and a joyful new year.

Robin & Jen

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