No matter how talented an author you are, spelling mistakes and poor punctuation will put your readers off their stride and distract them from what your book is actually trying to say.

Many writers are excellent at both spelling and grammar and think this means they can proofread their own manuscripts. But when you have spent hours poring over the same paragraphs of text, it can be extremely challenging to spot your own errors. Getting a fresh pair of eyes to read through your book before you publish can save you from a whole host of embarrassing typos.

We offer a highly competitive proofreading service which will ensure your copy is clean and error-free. Although our work will focus on spelling and grammar, we will also flag up any other issues we might find. We run additional automated checks on your copy to minimise the risk of a mistake slipping through.

You will be able to see any changes we make through the ‘track changes’ function and you can decide for yourself whether to keep or reject them.

Our Fees

Proofreading is charged at just £5.65/$7.35 per 1,000 words, with a minimum charge of 5,000 words. Email us now for a free sample proofread of up to 1,000 words.