Do you need somewhere safe, secure and convenient where you can organise your thoughts and develop your characters and plot lines? Do you often find yourself scribbling down notes for your books and then wondering where on earth you have put them?

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A private wiki is a fantastic tool for an author and can be used to store your thoughts, ideas and inspirations. Unlike a notebook, you don’t have to remember where you’ve put it as you can access it from anywhere in the world using any device – all you need is an internet connection. Private wikis are simple to edit and, as they are password-protected, your information will only be seen by you and anyone you want to read it. To find out for yourself just how useful wikis are, give my demo wiki a try.

I can set up a private wiki for you using DokuWiki, a user-friendly and versatile software. I can host your wiki for you, taking daily backups so you can rest assured that all your notes are protected and ready to read whenever you need them. For just £50/$65 a year, I will keep everything up to date and secure. If you want other people to be able to access and update your wiki, I can set up extra users for no additional charge.

To get your own private wiki up and running, get in touch with me today.

Image: DokuWiki logo. By Esther Brunner (esther [at] kaffeehaus [dot] ch) [GPLv2], via Wikimedia Commons

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