Why don’t you offer editing beyond proofreading?

It’s important to find the right editor for you. I’ve worked with Paul Martin and Alexis Arendt. I can recommend both, but choosing an editor is a very individual decision. Kobo Writing Life has a useful post explaining how to choose an editor.

Can you proofread my academic paper?

No, sorry. My proofreading service is aimed at book authors, not academic writers.

Do you offer help with marketing?

If you know what you want done, and you don’t want to do it yourself, you can hire me as a virtual assistant. Otherwise, no. I firmly believe that the best person to market a book is the author. This article will get you started.

Why doesn’t the ebook look the same as the paperback?

Ebooks are very different to paper books. How it looks will depend partly on what the end-user reads it on. In most cases, the end-user can change various aspects — font face, font size, spacing, etc. I don’t specify specific formatting for most things, so the formatting will depend on the device’s settings.

My thinking is that those people that care exactly how things are laid out will have things set how they like them, and dislike formatters trying to impose their own ideas. I’ve seen some very angry messages about this on e-reader forums. People that don’t have strong preferences will probably leave most settings at the default, which will have been set by the manufacturer, and should hopefully be sensible for that device.

Doing it this way also ensures that there are no issues with the “Look inside” feature on Amazon.

Did you like my book?

I understand why some people ask this, but please don’t. When I’m proofreading and formatting, I’m looking at details, and not really taking in the whole story. It’s not the same as reading for pleasure.

More importantly, though, unless I’m your target audience, my opinion is irrelevant. Not everyone will like your book, and that’s not a bad thing. Concentrate on the people it’s aimed at, make them happy, and ignore everyone else.

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