Why don’t you offer editing beyond proofreading?

Choosing an editor is a very individual decision and it is important to find the right editor for you. We can provide a list of editors that we have worked with and trust on request. However, it is important to find someone with experience of your particular style and genre. Kobo Writing Life has a useful post explaining how to choose an editor.

Can you proofread my academic paper or article?

No, sorry. We aim our proofreading service at book authors, not academic writers.

Why doesn’t the ebook look the same as the paperback?

Ebooks are very different to paper books and the appearance will vary, depending on the device the end user chooses to read it on. In most cases, the end user can change various aspects — font face, font size, spacing, etc, which will affect how the ebook looks.

Did you like my book?

We understand why some people ask us this, but please don’t. When we’re proofreading and formatting, we’re looking at details, and not really taking in the complete story. It’s not the same as reading for pleasure.
More importantly, though, our opinion doesn’t really matter. Not everyone will like your book, and that’s not a bad thing. Concentrate on the people it’s aimed at, make them happy, and ignore everyone else.

Can you help me promote my book?

The best person to promote any book is almost always the author. However, we can give you a head start by helping you set up a WordPress site, an author page on Amazon, and some social media accounts with a few initial posts. We also have a growing list of articles about marketing, which should be helpful.

Should I enable DRM on my ebook?

Our recommendation is always not to enable it, but as with everything else, it’s the author’s book and so the final decision is theirs. See this article for more information: To DRM or not to DRM?