Your book needs to look professional and be straightforward to read. Whether you are preparing to publish an ebook or a print book, we can help make sure the layout of your pages is consistent and clear.

Print books

We can layout both standard and large print books so that they look professional and have good page flow. You can choose from a selection of designs which can be refined to fit your book. We will include front and back matter as required, such as table of contents and About the Author sections.

The file we provide to you will be tailored to your requirements and the specifications of your chosen print platform.


Our ebook formatting service will make sure your manuscript meets vendor requirements and is free from errors so it will display properly on a wide range of devices. We include a clickable table of contents as standard and will add other front and back matter as required.

You will be sent an ePub file which will pass ePubCheck with no problems and will be ready to upload to the vendor or distributor of your choice.

Our Fees

Our charges are based on word count and formatting complexity and we offer a discount for ordering both ebook and print formatting of a book at the same time.

An 80,000 word novel would cost £90/$115 for ebook formatting, £130/$160 for print layout, or £170/$220 for both.

Contact us now to request a quote for formatting your book.

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