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Business update: Shilka Ltd

Back in 2011, Robin published their first book. They set up Shilka Publishing as a sole trader to handle payments, tax, etc. When they set up Author Help in 2018, they were still a sole trader.

In 2020 Robin’s wife Jen joined Author Help, and we decided to incorporate the business and create a limited company. We’ve now done this, and the new business is Shilka Ltd. Author Help is a trading name of Shilka Ltd.

You may notice a footnote about it on all the paperwork and repeat customers should watch out for new bank details as we move everything over. None of this changes the services we provide, the prices we charge or the customer focus we pride ourselves on.

Author Help Christmas Party – We party so you don’t have to!

It’s fair to say that this year has been unlike any other any of us have experienced before. One of the many impacts is that nobody can have an office Christmas party like we’re used to. Well, unless your office consists of two people who happen to be married to each other.

We decided to do you all proud with some of the best-loved (and most hated) aspects of a work do, complete with blurred photos taken from shonky angles!

Jen wears a white T-shirt with black writing: OH NO IT ISN'T!Robin wears a black T-shirt with white writing: OH YES IT IS!
Obligatory photo of the team all gathered together, showing off our Christmas tops
Several clearly homemade biscuits decorated as melting snowmen, and a bag of clementines.
Someone brought tasty goodies for the buffet! Someone else brought fruit…
Robin receives a bottle of bubbly. Jen received a book about tanks, written by Robin.
Invariably, some folks do better out of the Secret Santa than others.
Jen and Robin are pretending to sword fight with Pringles tubes.
There’s always someone who starts a food fight
Jen and Robin share a kiss.
I hope we don’t regret that in the morning…
Robin has their hair loose and wears tinsel and baubles as accessories while singing enthusiastically.
Some people really like to let their hair down.
For others it’s just all too much.
Two empty, tea-stained mugs.
Just look at those empties! I can’t believe we drank so much!

We hope you had fun looking through these – we certainly had fun taking them.

All the best from Author Help and best wishes for 2021!

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