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How to Create and use Reading Lists

Draft2Digital’s Reading Lists allow you to create curated collections of books. You can showcase your own books, or create a list of recommended books in a genre or around a subject. Reading Lists use...

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Co-Writing Across Genres

Note: this post was written by myself and Andrew Knighton, and was first published on the Alliance of Independent Authors‘ Self-Publishing Advice Centre. Co-authoring a book is relatively unusual, and for our military thriller...

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Blockchain: Questions and Concerns

Note: a version of this post was first published on the Alliance of Independent Authors‘ Self-Publishing Advice Centre. Their watchdog, John Doppler, added answers and commentary. It is said that blockchain technologies will revolutionize...

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A Missed Opportunity

One reason some authors choose to independently publish their book is the greater royalties they get on each sale. Another reason, more important to some, is keeping control over the publishing and the marketing. Traditional publishers are good at what they do, but they can’t know the book as deeply as the author does, and that can lead to missed opportunities.

Images, Resolution, and DPI

If you’re an author, you should be comfortable with words, but you’re probably less familiar with images, especially technical issues such as resolution and DPI (dots per inch). For most authors, this isn’t a...

Two WordPress Plugins For Authors

I’ve written two plugins for WordPress. They’re both free, designed primarily for authors, and available from the WordPress plugin repository. Mobile Banner The Mobile Banner plugin was written to address a client requirement. It...

Easy Backups With Dropbox

Backups will save you from all sorts of problems such as ransomware, burglary, computer failure, and simple human error like mistakenly deleting files or chapters. Dropbox provides an easy way to make an off-site...